“A Real No-Spin Zone”- Create a Non Partisan Information Source by Lynn Royster

The Problem:

The vast majority of people in this country are making decisions on fundamentally important issues that affect our country and the world with almost no access to unbiased or intelligent information.  We are reduced to trying to eke out knowledge from sound bites or political rhetoric.

The Proposal:

Create a non partisan information source of integrity and intelligence run by a balanced group of left, right, middle, and none-of-the-above people who have demonstrated an ability to think integrally and explore different viewpoints without attachment to personal bias.  This group would take issues facing our country and present the main views on them, highlighting the differences and the similarities, going into the full range of consequences of each, looking at the nuances of each, etc. and do this in a sufficiently distilled form that it can be grasped in a reasonable amount of time by at least 90% of the citizens.

It would take brave, low ego, and highly cognitively skilled people who are willing to set aside personal bias to man it and truly work with one another.  It would also take people with a great ability to explain complex ideas clearly without reducing them to sound bites or over generalizations.

If it truly kept to its purpose, it could become a source of solid information for people trying to make up their minds about these very difficult and poorly comprehended issues.

I see it beginning as a small think tank that prepares short explanatory video and audio essays on various subjects, e.g. health care, the economy, big vs. small government, etc., perhaps the first essay being an overview of the existing points of view on the broad topic, the risks and benefits and possible outcomes of each, etc. followed by more targeted essays on aspects of a topic (the deficit, job creation, taxation).  That way people could go more deeply if they wanted to but others would have at least some information.

The “essays” could be available on podcast via Integral and other sites that wanted to present this kind of information (TED perhaps?).  If the think tank maintained its integrity and became known for it, donations could be forthcoming to fund exposure in more mainstream media.

And if Obama isn’t interested (likely, since it would show up weaknesses in any politically motivated positions), Integral could take it on!  I would personally be happy to help pull something like this together.

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3 thoughts on ““A Real No-Spin Zone”- Create a Non Partisan Information Source by Lynn Royster

  1. Friends Committee on National Legislation is already such a non partisan source of news and discussion of issues, both global and national. Foreign and domestic policy, to create an earth restored with justice and equality for all. They regularly prepare bulletins on issues such as war and peace, the cost of war, what our budget priorities are and could be.healthcare, voting etc etc Indian nation issues. check them out and use your efforts to promulgate this website of information with links to statistics, readable analysis, understandable graphics..
    so one of these integral goals has already been attained. thankyou.

  2. Something like this is becoming crucial in the age of the internet simply for disseminating factual information. But much more important is if this could become a forum for developing healthy conservative as well as progressive perspectives/agendas; policies that widen the embrace (help align all levels within a dominant mode of discourse and action; translation/Agape) as well as those that raise the dominant mode of discourse and action (transformation/ Eros). Partisanship indicates a lot of us just vote and tow the party line; what seems to be needed is a differentiation of ideas and policy proposals as proposed here, to tease out healthy conservative as well as progressive paths; to widen/solidify as well as deepen the embrace. It would require a great deal of finesse to communicate with folks of different subcultures/levels, but would help soften the culture wars, perhaps leading to a new synthesis.

  3. This is so-oooooo needed! We need something that dispenses factual information. It is hard to determine lies from facts after bombardment by media outlets bought by the highest bidder. Checking Snopes.com does not get the correct information to most people. A valid source of information needs to be accessible to everyone. Maybe there would be less blatant lies sent via email and on/in the media. Internet access for this needed.

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