Call for Integral Policy Proposals

The Integral Evolutionaries for Obama campaign is not only about getting President Obama re-elected. We also want to raise enough money that we get noticed and listened to by the campaign. And when we have earned a hearing, we intend to press to have at least one or two integral policy proposals considered by the administration. (By the way, this is why it is so essential that we support, in principle, and cooperatively engage with an Integral Romney initiative—integral policy proposals should get a serious hearing in any event.)

There is no guarantee that we’ll gain this opportunity. We have no illusions about the fact that, even pooling our resources, we’re still but a small fish in a big pond of big donors. Nonetheless, it’s very possible that we can stand out amongst the pool of grassroots supporters. That’s one of the important goals of this initiative. And in fact, as of Labor Day, when they closed the Summer Grassroots Fundraising Challenge, we were, by an enormous margin, way out in 1st place on the campaign’s Grassroots Fundraising Summer Leaderboard. As of September 12th, we have over 300 donations, so we’re building momentum. Let’s keep it going!

In the meantime, we’re putting out a call to all integral thinkers, scholars, academics, business leaders, researchers, and spiritually awakened policy wonks. If and when we do get the opportunity to submit policy proposals to a 2nd-term Obama administration, what should they be?

We’re looking for cutting-edge practical ideas that could be realistically introduced or implemented during the next 4 years.

Please summarize your proposal in less than 500 words and indicate whether you have (or are able to produce) a high-quality white paper, audio-video presentation, or other means of effectively communicating the proposal to someone inside the administration.

Submissions will be accepted until November 1st. As they are received, we will post credible proposals on this website and allow the community of donors to vote for their favorites. This vote will determine the final proposal(s) we submit to the campaign.

Examples of proposal ideas:

  • Healthcare: How can we integrate holistic/alternative/integrative therapies into our national healthcare policy; why would this be important; and how would it be economically and politically feasible? How can we reduce the tremendous resources spent on medical care to people in the last six months of life and allow death with dignity?
  • Drug Policy: The Drug War costs the US billions of dollars and thousands of lives every year. There is little evidence that it is working, but politicians are leery to be seen as weak on drugs. Is there a comprehensive approach that  a 2nd-Term Obama administration could take to unwind the Drug War, allow for reasonable civil liberties (e.g., with respect to marijuana use), and at the same time deal more effectively with dangerous smugglers, addiction, and drug-related crime?
  • Tax Reform: How could we implement a financial transactions tax to better regulate (and raise revenue from) the financial sector? Why might this be a smart idea for the economy? How could it be implemented globally, so as to prevent capital flight?

Climate Change and Food Policy also loom large. But these are just a few ideas to get the conversation going. We will certainly have many more! Please submit your proposals to

Thank you!

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