Revamping Democracy for the 21st Century by Don Briddell

Democracy for 21st Cetury: revamping the 1787 democratic paradigm.

1. How can we as citizens become responsible for the conduct of government?  In a democratic manner, instituting structural change within the framework allowed by our constitution, do away with representational government and replace it with a direct democracy.

2. How do we insure that our opinion is heard and respected? In a direct democracy, each person would make their own decisions and would vote on issues.

3. How do we remain responsible for the energy (money and effort) we contribute to society? We trust ourselves and become responsible. Instead of entrusting a congress of 535 plus people to make decisions for us, plus having a president who can act independent of congress (wage war without congressional approval), the entire population of voters would make the decision.

4. How are we to retain personal responsibility for our own conduct when government may force us to surrender person integrity? We realize our welfare is best served when everyone has the right to speak for him or herself.

The goal is for the people to assume the roles of government through democratic means.


1. Advancing Majority (75% = majority)

2. Direct Democracy-The people present the subjects for discussion and the elected representatives are there only to argue the merits and explore the issues, but not to vote on outcomes.

3. Individual Tax Allocation-a. It begins with each person being allowed to choose where 5% of his or her income taxes are spent. The voters are given a list of agencies to choose from.

Full Proposal here: 2012 7.5 21st Cent. Dem

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3 thoughts on “Revamping Democracy for the 21st Century by Don Briddell

  1. Not being American, sorry but I still feel the urge to give my approval for people who feel concerned and want to take part in change. Being in Europe, we are coping with different countries, mentalities, languages and yet it IS ALWAYS possible to change. It is only when we become frozen in our conventional restricted minds that fear becomes the motive, and that is straight forward stagnation.
    I think it is a global movement that not only concerns America but the whole world. We are ALL ONE. The earth.

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