Preventative Health Care by George Phon

This proposal can be an addition to the Natural Healing and the Affordable Health Care Act by Jim Turner and Terry Patten. I propose tests for optimal wellness be included with an annual physical examination to covered by future and current healthcare plans rather than as an out of pocket expense.

Vitamin deficiency, mineral deficiency, hormonal imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, inflammation markers, adrenal health and other similar tests recommended by medical practitioners and naturopathic doctors trained to evaluate the difference between normal laboratory test results and the results for optimal wellness levels of the individual can eliminate the guess work from the practitioner and patient and accurately determine how the patients body is responding to their current environment and nutritional intake and adjust according to the test results to lead the body to optimal wellness. Toxins in the body, imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can and do lead to illness and disease.

I recently had a physical examination which included lung and breath test, blood pressure, heart rate, blood panel tests, X rays and more and was declared to be in the top percentile of healthy people in the nation. In the past I would have been very satisfied hearing these results but my body didn’t feel like it was in optimal health and I decided to pay out of pocket for hormonal imbalance, vitamin and mineral deficiency tests and the results showed low vitamin D, low vitamin B12 levels and a hormonal imbalance. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with Increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in older adults, severe asthma in children and more. Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with chronic fatigue, depression, autoimmune disorders, atrophic gastritis and more. Hormonal imbalance are associated with low blood sugar, allergies, prostate Inflammation, bone loss (Osteoporosis) and more.

If these tests remain an out of pocket expense the majority of the people will not use them.
Using these tests as part of a preventive healthcare regimen may save the nation billions of dollars currently spent treating illnesses and diseases that could be easily detected and corrected in their early stages, leading to a healthier population and more vibrant nation.

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2 thoughts on “Preventative Health Care by George Phon

    • Hi Flora,
      I’m glad to hear your plan covers these tests. There is an insurance carrier that covers several Holistic therapies but unfortunately they are the exception. My previous insurance carrier is a large one but they won’t even pay for a routine annual physical examination unless you have the primary care doctor request it in a certain way. If you are proactive you may get your primary care doctor to cover some of the tests but regular doctors are trained to read ordinary laboratory results. Most doctors and even a lot of Naturopathic doctors are not trained to give and look for specific tests results for optimal wellness. I know of several people with exceptional exercise and organic diets that took a series of specific tests and were very surprise to find they were not at optimal health. If they didn’t take the tests they would be making incorrect assumptions about their health and perhaps guessing at which diets, supplements, etc works best for their bodies. These tests are great tools to assist us to optimal wellness, When we are healthy we are more able to bring clarity and amazing solutions to our world.

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