Support Simultaneous Global Policy Implementation (Simpol) by Kabir Kadre

Encourage the administration to take leadership internationally in promoting John Bunzl’s ideas with Simpol and working towards integral global governance unification to the administration.

As a community, I would like us to see this as an important and compelling issue.

From Simpol’s website:

“Simpol aims to break this vicious circle by encouraging people around the world to oblige their politicians and governments to cooperate globally in implementing appropriate policies¬†simultaneously¬†for the good of all.

Only by implementing policies simultaneously can our problems be resolved in a way that no nation, corporation, or citizen loses out to its peers. Only by acting globally and simultaneously can governments regain control over global markets.¬†If all nations act together, everybody wins.”

For More info:

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3 thoughts on “Support Simultaneous Global Policy Implementation (Simpol) by Kabir Kadre

  1. This really does make perfect sense, it is just so obvious. There are no doubt plenty of people who won’t want this, as they make massive amounts of money out of the current chaotic way we do things on this planet of ours, and they will lose out, and I say Good!

  2. Makes sense. Let’s lead the way in this. We need to work together domestically and globally.

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