Integral Policy Proposals- Time To Cast Your Vote!

Wait! Your voting responsibilities are not quite over. Please carefully review the below proposals that were submitted by members of the Integral Evolutionary community in response to our call for smart, innovative policy proposals to put before the 2nd Obama administration.

After clicking the link for a proposal and reading the summary page, you can vote for the proposal by “liking” it with the Facebook thumb at the bottom of the page OR if you don’t have a Facebook account you can vote by clicking on the check mark in the green circle, also at the bottom of the page. You can vote for more than one proposal.

May the best proposal win!

Climate Change Legislation by Christopher Porto

Employment for the 21st Century in the United States of America by Dalya Miri Ralston

Natural Healing and the Affordable Health Care Act by Jim Turner and Terry Patten

Nonpartisan Electoral Reform by Jim Turner and Terry Patten

Taxation Reform via an Automated Payments Transaction Tax by Jim Turner and   Terry Patten

The Justice Department and Marijuana Law Enforcement by Jim Turner and Terry Patten

Revamping Democracy for the 21st Century by Don Briddell

Six Year, One Term Presidency by Tom Woodard

“A Real No-Spin Zone”- Create a Non Partisan Information Source by Lynn Royster

Preventative Health Care by George Phon

Tax Reform Proposal to Benefit Low-Income Renters by Michael Lane

Campaign Finance Reform by Ernest Szeto

Support Simultaneous Global Policy Implementation (Simpol) by Kabir Kadre

Sustainable Economic Practices by Skip Shuda

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11 thoughts on “Integral Policy Proposals- Time To Cast Your Vote!

  1. I would encourage you not to introduce integral as a single-issue group. I would think in categories: What is the best proposal or proposals for enhancing individual freedom and civil liberty, and what is the best proposal or proposals for affirmative action on the part of government to solve a problem that only the govenment can solve?

    Using this criterion, the proposals for altering insurance coverage to allow alternative health care seem like a practical step toward enhancing individual liberty, especially when coupled with the ablitiy to get into an insurance pool where alternative health care is heavily used by persons in the pool. These health-consicous folks who take individual responsibility for health care should have the right to association, and to choose a treatment that works for them that is covered by their insurance.

    The climate initiative, coupled with the building of the green economy, seems to be essential– and is something only a government can do.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for this, Terry. I’d personally like to see a much more robust interpretation of anti-trust law to limit the size of financial institutions. I’d like to see an emphasis on patent law reform.

    And lastly, more public debate on the current nature of the internet is needed. It has had a marked destabilizing effect on the expectations for privacy and civil liberties in the US. There have already been government sponsored cyber attacks (in this case the US and Israel directed towards Iran) indicating that much public infrastructure is now vulnerable to such attacks, and there are many conclusive examples that the internet can be used as a tool for governments to oppress and terrorize.

    It’s inevitable that additional global public policy frameworks are needed to address these and related concerns. Now is the time to advocate for as much transparency as possible in these upcoming debates and to push for transrational ideas in that realm.

  3. Of course, I did not submit anything, so I shouldn’t wish something had been written – regardless, I just wanted to speak for increasing our levels of public education. I was lucky to have lived in France for a year, back in 1974, and attended their public school’s ~senior year. Although I had just graduated a year early from what was considered a “distinguished” public high school, theirs was far superior : from the level of education both taught and assignments given, to the in-class discussion, to the wholesome food (not individual trays, but served per table). The lack of education is part of what is creating our social hypnosis! (And current school foods served are actually (quite often) toxic…)

  4. My top three choices from” the excellent list of Integral Policy Proposals are:
    “Natural Healing and the Affordable Health Care Act”, “Nonpartisan Electoral Reform”, and “Sustainable Economic Practice”.

  5. As this pertains to a purely US subject, I have to assume that votes can come only from US citizens or green card holders. I would appreciate your confirmation of this. It would be a good idea if these kinds of emails were limited to those people who can actually be involved.

    • Political donations and donor votes are exclusively for US citizens, but there are many people in the international integral community who have profound insights about US politics, so the non-donor voting is open to everyone. However, it may not be of interest to everyond, so please forgive if you feel unnecessarily bothered by it.

  6. Especially interested promoting transpartisan efforts to strengthen conversation and reform election process towards greater transparency. As Bucky Fuller said, we need a right foot and a left foot alternating to move forward…we need both brain hemispheres in the same way we need both hemispheres and poles of the planet.

  7. Since I do not live in the US, I declined to take part in Terry’s Obama campaign. However, my grandchildren live permanently in California, and my thinking is very much shaped by US philosophers and other forward thinkers, so I was bold enough to endorse some of the policies outlined.

  8. I appreciated your taking a stand with the election. I’m 86, and knew this was a historic election, beyond just the two candidates.

    I appreciate your continuing the dialogue, and moving into action from an integral perspective.

    I will vote. Thank you for giving , me an extended time and providing a background for thinking and action to move forward.

  9. What things can be proposed to build unity among us? How can civil dialog be championed in every issue? We need debate protocol, not arguments.

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